I am not home between 6-8pm and my property does not allow me to put my container out earlier. What should I do?

6:00-8:00 PM is the window of time that was agreed upon to allow residents to set their trash outside. If your work hours or other daily commitments do not allow you to adhere to this schedule, please contact your community manager to discuss.

How much do I pay for this service?

Vandelay Waste Valet is contracted by your property management. We do not bill individual residents.

I did not get a container, or my container is damaged, dirty or lost. How can I get a new one?

Your leasing office assigns, distributes and tracks the Vandelay Waste Valet containers for their residents, so please request one from your leasing office.

Why did I get a  “violation notice” on my door?

This notice lists the basic procedures that residents are asked to follow in order to improve and maintain the property’s aesthetics and sanitation. This ensures that the collection process will run smoothly and efficiently.  Your community management has authorized and requested Vandelay Waste Valet to place these notices when those procedures are not followed.

Do you pick up boxes?

Yes - as long as all boxes are flattened, the valet is able to remove them and continue with the trash service at the same time. Tied or taped bundles are preferred when leaving out more than 1-2 boxes.

How many flattened boxes can I put out?

Usually the valet can handle 5-6 boxes on any given night. If you have more, it could take a few service nights to remove all that is needed.

Is it okay if I can't fit everything inside the trash can?

Yes - you want to fill up the VWV container as much as possible, but we do realize you can’t control the amount of trash that is accumulated on certain days. Excess bags can be stacked inside the container with the lid open.

Is there a limit to how many bags I can put out?

No, but bags must remain in a container and not on the ground to prevent stains. If there is truly an excessive amount of bags please realize it could take a few service nights to complete it.

Can I use something other than a Vandelay Waste Valet can?

Yes - this is a great solution to keeping bags off the ground and keeping the entry way clean and neat. The VWV container must be used first but another container can be placed beside it on an as needed basis. Since we need to monitor any damaged or lost VWV containers we do not recommend using your own container in place of ours.