Resident Benefits

The convenience of having door to door trash and recycling pick up 5 nights a week means:

  • No more trash on or in your vehicle.
  • No more carrying heavy bags downstairs.
  • No more long walks to the dumpster in the rain, heat, or cold.
  • Reduces the stress of moving in.

Waste Valet services ensure a safer community:

  • Deters crime during service hours with a valet walking the grounds.
  • Removes the needed trip to take the trash out at night by yourself.

Keep the area in which you live clean and attractive:

  • Trash is no longer sitting outsides neighbors’ doors.
  • Breezeways, common areas, and compactor/dumpsters stay clean.
  • Trash stains are reduced/eliminated throughout the community.
  • Recycling is a breeze and sustains the environment.

Owner/Property Management Benefits

Adding a waste valet service to your community keeps you competitive:

  • Voted the number 1 service/amenity for multifamily living.
  • Improves property value by providing additional income, helping your bottom line.
  • Increases marketability to keep you one up on the competition.
  • Helps resident retention by providing a service available to ALL residents.
  • No start-up cost with a 12 month  phase-in opportunity.
  • Community stays clean during operating/leasing hours.
  • Added security with an extra set of eyes when you need it the most.

You’ll see productivity improve with your maintenance team:

  • Potentially save up to 10 hours a week on time spent walking the grounds for trash pick up.
  • Compactor clean-up will not be required.
  • Focus on resident’s needs and maintaining the community.